Industrial Services

Industrial Services - Oil Recovery Co

Manufacturing facilities need storage tanks and process equipment inspected or maintained to operate efficiently and stay in compliance. ORC can partner with you to perform in unison with your day-to-day operations. We can work within your schedule to minimize down time and adjust our manpower requirements based on the project(s) of that day. In the rare instance an unexpected break occurs and repairs are needed, ORC can respond quickly and remedy the site to make a safe working environment for you to make the repairs.

To help you with your budget, we can provide a lump sum estimate based on an agreed scope of work, or work with an agreed rate structure in place.

Our industrial services include:

Confined Space Tank Cleaning

If your scheduled API tank inspection is approaching, ORC can prepare the tank for its inspection. We can offer a turnkey service that includes removing/transferring remaining free product, and cleaning the tank interior. We can transport all wash water to our permitted facility for proper disposal. We can also offer a third-party Marine Chemist to provide a “safe for entry” permit.

If you need to use your tank to store a different product, ORC can remove/transfer the remaining free product .After Marine Chemist provides a “Safe for Entry” permit, ORC will wash the floor, entire wall, and support structures. All wash water may be transported to our permitted facility for proper disposal.

If your process unit(s) needs to shut down for preventative maintenance and repairs, ORC can provide multiple crews and equipment to clean your process vessels, piping and sumps to remove build-up and debris prior to your maintenance. We can transfer the wash water to your waste water treatment plant, or transport it to our permitted facility. We can work around the clock to fit your schedule.

Chemical Pipeline Flushing and Cleaning

If your flow lines are restricted with debris or sludge build-up, ORC can set up a recirculating system to pump and filter the lines. If needed, we can arrange pigging of the lines. The wastewater may be transported to our permitted facility for proper disposal.

Pickling of New Pipelines

If your lines are constructed and in place but will not be used for a while, ORC can circulate our pickling solution through the lines to coat the interior to prevent rust from forming prior to use. The wastewater may be transported to our permitted facility for proper disposal.

ScissorJet Railcar Cleaning

Before a railcar can receive new product, its interior must be cleaned. ORC’s mobile ScissorJet is an automated entry technology that has the capability to use up to 10,000 psi to clean the interior. ORC can transport the wash water to your onsite waste water treatment unit, transport it to our permitted facility for proper treatment, or transport it to your approved third-party disposal facility. Please click here to see how the ScissorJet works.

Lab/Chemical Packaging and Removal

Accumulating residual small quantities of petroleum and chemical products is part of your normal operation. ORC can package these products for safe handling and transport them under strict DOT guidelines to a proper disposal facility.


Long-term use can mean your tank surfaces, process vessels, or heat exchanger tubes have hardened build-up. ORC can mobilize an Ultra High Pressure (UHP) blaster to your facility to remove the material back down to metal. The wastewater can be transported to your waste water treatment plant or back to our permitted facility for proper disposal.